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Cottage Delight Supplier

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Phone us for Store'll reach ground zero...our pro on the floor...they'll know what's happening right now!


On your way into the finer spots of Rice Lake / Hastings. We service Northumberland / Peterborough counties

We specialize in Cottage Country

The summer cottage can be a wonderful place to cool off and recharge when the thermometer climbs. We can help get you organized for your stay next to the water!

Got an eye for photography?

Whether its a cool sunset, a big catch of the day or just your family having fun at one of our many photogenic locations. We’d love to share the awesome experiences you have through our social networks.

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Equadorian Textiles at Great Prices

Colourful textiles have always played a large part in Andean culture and for centuries indigenous equadorians have been famous for their textiles.

Equadorian Jewellry at Great Prices

An amazing palm tree grows in the Amazon jungle of Ecuador. Known as the tagua palm, this tree produces beautiful material suitable for making natural jewellry and fine carvings.


We carry Reid's Dairy Products, Milk, Cream & Butter. A Delicious Assortment of Cheese. Fresh Farm Eggs. Breakfast Bacon. Sandwich Meats. LOOK for OUR STEAKS - THEY'RE THE BEST!

Approved Retail Partner for the Beer Store & LCBO Agency

In communities that are too small to support either an LCBO store or location of The Beer Store, liquor sales are provided by authorized LCBO agents that combine liquor sales with other goods.